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Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
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Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programのクチコミ

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Public Relations Manager | 札幌市 | 2013年2月9日
Amazing chance to get your career started in a difficult job market
JET was the thing that kicked off my career and paid off the lion's share of my school debt. Oh, and I also finalized my learning of a second language, grew to understand another culture on a deep level, and had an unforgettable experience overall. If you're going to do the Japan thing, the JET program is simply the best. Having said that... Japan is not the place for you if you have any physical or mental health issues whatsoever. The culture gulf is vast and the support network is non-existent. If you go here, be prepared to have your health tested to the limits. I experienced the only depressive anxiety episode of my entire life here, though in retrospect it was mostly caused by me being a dumb 22-year-old who didn't understand the importance of social relationships now that I was away from my family and everyone else I'd ever known. It got better! But if you require any sort of medication on a regular basis, this is just not the job for you. It's too dangerous. I would also like to mention that unless you intend to teach English, or move to Tokyo, there are no opportunities for employment available to you as a foreigner. Understand this and you will find Japan amazing and everything you could hope for. Misunderstand this and your time there will be an exercise in frustration. Haha, this is a pretty heavy review... but in summary, I strongly feel that Japan is both the adventure of a lifetime, and not someplace to decide to work in lightly. Do your research! Especially
良い点amazing adventure, earn a healthy salary, get fit, good program for this sort of work
悪い点culture differences can be stressful, especially in the cir workplace, lots of overtime, not a lot of other foreigners
Public Relations Manager | 日本 | 2021年7月17日
Placement really matters if you are a CIR more so than if you are an ALT
Every day was different. I worked for a small town office. At the beginning, I did not know what to do and my supervisor was too busy with a different project, so I felt a bit lost. I learned that Japanese-style offices rely on new workers to observe and learn from predecessors, rather than go through proper training. So mistakes will definitely be made - and it will be okay! The projects ranged from an annual sister city exchange to hanging out with babies and moms to visiting schools to arranging cultural/international events. It was a great way to soak in, improve my Japanese abilities, and express ideas - but it certainly took a while to figure things out. If you are placed in a larger city or prefectural office, you may have more interpretation or translation worker than I did, but a big tip is that you should seek out work when it is slow. I loved history and I studied about community revitalization, so I involved myself in translation for the local museum and grassroots revitalization brainstorming sessions with locals. There were times that were difficult, such as ambiguous moments, miscommunication, and uncertainty - but that is typical with any job. I am thankful for the friends that I made via the CIR forums, or else I would've gone insane.
良い点Subsidized housing, healthcare, easy commute
悪い点Ambiguity, not enough projects (unless if you come up with them)