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Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
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Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programのクチコミ

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English Teacher | 上天草市 | 2015年3月24日
Unfortunate Circumstances but still Great Experience
Each person who works for JET and is sent abroad has a completely different set of circumstances and situations. I am unfortunately what you would have called a night-mare story. Since moving abroad, the Board of Education provided an apartment for me to live in while working at 6 different schools, unfortunately it was an empty abandoned apartment with no accommodations other than 2 sinks, a bath tub, and a hose to shower with. I improved my communication and bargaining skills while having to obtain a refrigerator, washer/dryer, and other living accommodations. The actual job was highly enjoyable. It was extremely fast paced, where I would have to go into school and quickly prepare a lesson on the spot to sometimes teach by myself or in pairs as an assistant. I usually prepared quick tests, reviewed vocabulary words to go over with students, or practiced skits before presenting to the students. Interacting with the students was reward enough for less than a optimal living situation. I learned a lot in the office environment and how efficient Japanese offices work, which help me prepare better for an over-seas office environment in America. The hardest part of the job was motivating certain schools to participate during class. Being positive and innovative with games and rewards helped improve class productivity.
良い点New enviornment, Different job every day
悪い点Poor living accomidations, very low communication levels from your supervisors( but that changes from case to case)
English Teacher | 三豊市 | 2018年2月9日
Rewarding once in a lifetime experience
- A typical day included lesson planning, team teaching at least three classes, spending time with students, office meetings, and material preparation. - I learned how to team teach classes effectively, how to organize and hold international events, and how to teach English as a foreign language. - The teachers and school staff are incredibly friendly and supportive, and are willing to help you with pretty much anything. - The hardest part of the job is trying to gauge how well you are doing, as teachers are often unlikely to give feedback. - The most enjoyable part of the job was spending time with the students, teachers, and staff, as well as making new friends in the local community.
良い点Exposure to foreign cultures, office and community unity, plentiful experiences
悪い点Potentially isolating depending on the person and/or location
English Teacher | 東京都 | 2017年8月1日
An Intercultural Experience
- Hands on experience working with Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) - Typical day at work would include planning lessons and teaching them with JTEs - Learned patience, understanding and respect in cross cultural communication - Management - Worked closely with JTEs to plan lessons and meet teaching standard goals, at other times given much creative freedom for planning lessons - Workplace culture - Independent work - Hardest part of the job - motivating shy students to participate in English communication - Experiencing cross cultural communication, cultural festivals and traditions, and representing my community, state and country as a local American ambassador were the most enjoyable parts of the job
良い点Intercultural experiences, cross cultural communication, creative freedom
悪い点No job advancement within JET
English Teacher | 日本 | 2016年5月10日
Excellent Adventure
After years of being chained to a desk without giving proper thought to what direction to take after university, the JET program allowed me to take a step back and consider what I love in life, while also providing me with a chance to flex my teaching muscles. The people, culture, students and incredible scenery in the surrounding mountains and fields all blended together to create an amazing experience that I won't soon forget. If you're considering doing the same then don't second guess yourself, it's the chance of a lifetime and if you're like me, you'll never want to leave.
良い点Great work / life balance, exceptional holidays, Incredible colleagues, Good support network
悪い点Knowing I have to leave
English Teacher | 福島県 | 2017年11月13日
A wonderful experience!
This is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I loved the people, the location, and the challenge of the work. The JET Program provided an amazing opportunity to travel abroad and develop my skills as an educator. The Board of Education in my rural town was supportive and wonderful. The host families who assisted me with daily living were kind and very helpful.
良い点Great job, great people, professional environment and travel opportunities!
悪い点Living abroad made it difficult for me to see my family as often as I would have liked.
English Teacher | 郡山市 | 2018年8月15日
Great experience abroad for graduates
Gave a great chance to experience life in Japan while being paid. Daily life included preparing lesson plans and working with native Japanese teachers to implement in the classroom. Worked with local Board of Education for conversation classes and cultural exchanges. Short term contracts mean a limited number of years in position and no opportunity for advancement.
良い点Decent pay, opportunity for travel, learn a language
悪い点Support can be lacking in some areas, no opportunity for advancement
English Teacher | 岩見沢市 | 2017年10月10日
It is an experience
Whether that experience is good or bad, you live so differently and work differently than other countries. I loved every minute of it, and am grateful of the opportunity it provided me. This job varies from person to person really, so it's hard to say what someone else might feel or have to deal with. I was fortunate to get wonderful schools and great staff.
English Teacher | 長崎県 | 2021年10月25日
Love living in Japan?
It's a great way to see Japan especially if you have few, if any, debts or responsibilities back home. There is limited opportunity for advancement unless you already speak Japanese and plan to stick it out at least two to three years.
良い点You get to live in Japan in subsidized housing.
悪い点You are largely seen as a human tape recorder.
English Teacher | 日本 | 2012年6月5日
Great paying teach abroad program
Great traveling and teaching opportunities. Designed to be a Japanese cultural immersion program. Daily interaction with teachers and students in a professional environment. Not much initial training, but a good peer support group from Japanese teachers.
良い点free lunches, good pay
悪い点far away, contract based
English Teacher | 日本 | 2017年9月20日
JET program is fantastic
The Japanese Exchange and Teaching program is a competitive program that hires native English speakers to co-teach in a variety of educational settings.
良い点great pay, furnished apartment
English Teacher | United States | 2012年9月16日
This was my dream job out of high school
I taught a few classes each day with Japanese English Teachers at a junior high school and one day a week at an elementary school. I learned how to live on my own and how to live in Japan. I could always reach my supervisors at City Hall or within the JET Program. I had weekly get togethers with other JET participants. The hardest part of the job was in summer, the school did not have air conditioning. The most enjoyable part was being able to help my students get into high school.

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