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Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
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Assistant Instructor | 岡山県 | 2016年7月26日
A good experience abroad but not a full-time career
JET Programme is constantly reviewed as being the best program for teaching in Japan. Unlike private companies, there is the chance to be employed full-time and receive benefits, which as a foreign worker is extremely necessary. However, the program is aimed at college graduates, and so there is little space for advancement. The work culture can be stressful at times, but overall it is a good experience, especially for people looking to live and work abroad. Also, there is some confusion on the ground level, as JET was meant as a cultural exchange program but most native teachers expect the ALT or CIR to serve as an additional English teacher (grammar, pronunciation) before if ever using them as a cultural resource. A lot of commitment is necessary and interviews are often very strict. The competition can be extreme, but this also varies from embassy to embassy, as some HR workers are seeking fun personalities to share the world with elementary students while others are looking for no-nonsense high school teachers ready to prepare students for college. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding experience. My typical day involves designing lesson plans and preparing materials. Depending on which school I work at (I work at 4), this can mean working on my own and then checking in with my co-teacher at a brief meeting before class or working side-by-side ahead of time. Flexibility is necessary, not to mention a willingness to comply with regulation from th
良い点cultural experience, full-time, benefits, free classes for skill building, confusion on the ground about your role
悪い点stressful work culture, little flexibility, culture shock and burnout, little room for advancement, visiting home is expensive and limited by school schedules